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Societal Organization System for the Post-Industrial Era
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Tools, structures and programs system for a sustainable and convivial geo-territorial development model,
locally-to-globally, as well as for every citizen and for each societal entity.
At the current stage Globplex is directed to - an estimated 1 % of humanity -  citizens and professionals, 
proactive in societal transition,
interested to be involved in collaborative crowd-research and editing of modulable documents,
education and training, renewable energy and technology, sustainable and networked socio-economy management
and citizens' steered societal co-governance.

Globplex Bases
a. Concepts, Values, Principles Root-Conventions: Globplex Operating Charter
b. iTechnological and Information System Globplex-System Info-ICT
c. Covering Entity: Globplex World Societal Consortium

Globplex Top Pillars
Local-Global Societal Collaborative DataBank for Citizens and Entities,
composed of codified, modulable and minimalist tools, most also offline workable.
Currently 6.000.000+ Documents online, in 5 languages, on 120+ countries.

2. Societal Dynamization Program
including Research, Surveys, Conferences, Training Courses, Workshops, Global Exchange Missions, Societal School Projects,
North-South Co-Transition Plans, Sensibilization Campaigns, etc.

Holding of Local-Global Renewable and Convivial Socio-economy Entities, Profit and NonProft,
e-rationally organized in Regional Networks and Local Clusters,
gradually based on an a panergetic index and interest-free, circular self-financing system.

Drive your country out of the crisis, and generate jobs and quality living, for all,
with its application to the Globplex-System.

Globplex-Platform World Geo-Territories Continents and Countries

( Not all countries are yet online, if yours is not, drop us a line and we'll load the matrix,
about 18.000 start documents per country, within days, without any obligation. )

Download the Diagram Roadmap Globplex-System Country
Shortly online:
Download the Table-File Roadmap Globplex-System Country
Download the Presentation-File Roadmap Globplex-System Country

Globplex Highlights Summer-Autumn 2016 - Selection
Maroc - Greece -
Romania - Région de Bruxelles - RD du Congo - PortugalDrôme Provençale FranceCameroun - Nigeria
Plan Sociétal 2020, Maroc - Plan Nord-Sud Belgique Maroc Région Oostende CasablancaWorld Refugees Platform

Globplex Applications to Socieral Entities
1. Public Institutions -  2. Enterprises -  3. Civil Organizations -  4. Schools -  5. Media -  6. Citizens

Globplex Active Domains - - - - - - - -
 - - - - -  

Total volume on globplex, currently: +- 7.000.000 documents, 150 Gb

The most common characteristic of all great realizations in history, is that they all were considered utopian, by experts in their field.
The key-question is not if the Globplex-System is faisable for the world's crisis, but which other one is ?

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